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Have you ever had to be in this absurd situation where you were just about to leave for an important meeting or work maybe and then at the moment of your departure you found out that the lock is broken or not working? We have all been there and no matter how we much we be careful with these matters, we are sure to revisit such situations sooner and later!

So this is where a handy and fast locksmith service like Westchester CA Locksmith Store can work wonders for you! More than half of the people of the South trust our brand, our name Westchester CA Locksmith Store for their residential, commercial or emergency locksmith services related issues. Be it your regular re-keying services, mending locks, key duplications, emergency lockouts, breaking a jammed lock or trunk unlock, we know how to handle a wide range of lock and locksmith issues and are devoted to make Los Angeles, CA area a safer place

What makes us the Best?

The A-Team

We have an exceptional team of skilled locksmiths that tackle of all your locksmith service related needs with great ease, professionalism and care to your property. We have trained and recruited the best people who are professional locksmiths and have received extensive training to do this kind of careful work. Not only this but also they have the enthusiasm to perfect and hone their skills and knowledge even further with the new times.

And not just that, our team is equipped with the best high tech tools for the job that are completely lag free and don’t create more problems than there was initially. Avant-garde tools and overall scattered network of our services ensure that we can reach you anywhere in the Los Angeles, CA at any given moment!

24/7 Availability 

We are open and available to any of your locksmith servicing calls and needs at any given moment of any given day of a year! Indeed we don’t take breaks and whenever you give us a call, be it 3 in the morning for an emergency lockout or high noon for a key duplication, we are not only ready and available for you but we come to you in record quick time - that is our devotion.
Plus, we are proud to mention that we are unlike our competitors who take advantage of such emergency situations or ask for extra charges on public holidays that seem well beyond reasonable rates. Westchester CA Locksmith Store on the other hand understands that emergency locksmith servicing needs can strike anytime, any day and anywhere and so we do NOT take advantage of our client’s situations. Call us anytime, anywhere in South . We’re available 24/7!


We understand that locksmith service firms price their services with rocket high charges. Let us break that misconception by stating that all our services for any of your locksmith related problems are priced under a reasonable budget, so that quality service does not burn a hole in your pockets. We are the most affordable locksmith service available in the market!

Best in class

It is with immense pride that after giving out our services for over a decade now we are as the stats show - the best of our line of work. We have reached this position not just by fixing up broken locks or duplicating keys but understanding the whole structure of your locking system related needs. We offer on the move instant recommendations and improvements lock systems according to your home or commercial needs!

So with all these perks backing us up we enjoy a reputation unlike any for full time available locksmith service available in Los Angeles, CA. But that does not settle with us for we are always looking for ways to improve and learn better technologies to strengthen our services. Our continuous improvement is what has kept us at the top spot for the best locksmith services available anywhere in South !
So the next time your home locks get broken or your car trunks get jammed, give us a call on 323-597-3414 to erase all your worries!

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